The restaurant has been converted from old stables, with their original structure kept almost unaltered, and set in the most attractive new premises with accommodation facilities and recreational activities.

Cooking is at the same time innovative and in line with the local and Umbrian traditions. Together with the appetizing food based on mushrooms, white and black truffles and other seasonal products of the area. It is also possible to taste a wide range of the best Umbrian and national wines.

Our restaurant is mentioned on different guides, among which are:

  • Osterie d’Italia Slow Food (from 2009 till today’s editions)
  • Le Guide dell’Espresso(2003 2006 2007 editions)
  • La gola in tasca (2005 and 2006 editions)

The restaurant offers the possibility to ask for vegetarian and/or gluten free menu. For each situation the menu will be adapted.

La Miniera di Galparino Vocabolo Galparino, 34, 06012 Città di Castello PG Tel. 347 614 0798 E-mail